Here's the deal...

Most of our clients have shared that their biggest challenge is change. Although they welcome change, the process can be painful. A process change can reveal an ugly truth about an organization such as outdated documentation, or worse, complete lack of documented processes. It is never the intention of leadership to overlook or dismiss the need for documentation. Often it is the sheer lack of time and resources. Lean organizations can become so immersed in daily operations that there is little time to record how work is getting done, who is doing it, when it needs to be done, and why.


How can you change if you don’t know what you’re changing?

That’s exactly how HPM can help. We can interview, observe, and document to help your organization with the first step in embarking upon process improvement, an implementation, an initiative, or whatever type of change is necessary. Rather than point out inaccuracies, the goal is to use the information to facilitate the change process.


How do you get started?

Although project management is not a new profession, many organizations still do not have formal project management processes in place. HPM can help you assess resources (internal and external), define the problem, evaluate solutions, and drive the process to verify and refine (if necessary) proposed solutions.


After a solution has been delivered or an initiative is in place, we can help you assess the effectiveness of the change. How are the changes perceived by stakeholders? Are users following the new process? How have the new changes affected business operations? HPM can help with it all.

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